South Georgia Scenery

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A little bit of ruggedness - the Nordenskjöld Glacier in Cumberland Bay, named after the Norwegian explorer Otto Nordenskjöld. This glacier of the five largest on the island. The dark brown marks on the right are bits of rock and stone that have been brought down the valley with the ice.
Over a period of time the weather takes its effect on the front edge of the glacies. The ice is warmed and melted slightly during the day, re-freezing at night. This eventually causes large blocks to fracture and crash into the water. The ice breaks up into many thousands of pieces, spreading out across the bay. The piece of ice ont he right has broken off a larger 'berg that floated in from the sea several weeks earlier, gradually getting smaller as the sun worked on it, causing fracturing. I recall on one occasion, whilst staying in a field hut on the opposite side of the bay, sounds like gunshot in the middle of the night when bits of glacier broke off, crashing into the water, creating mini tidal waves.