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Official SGSSI site
The Official South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands site, full of useful information.
The Official Falkland Island Government site, which as you might expect is also full of useful information.
Official FI Govt site
You may be surprised to discover that railways, albeit small ones, existed in such remote areas as South Georgia. They were mainly used for transporting goods around the whaling stations.
Falkland Islands Tourism - an excellent site with information on just about anything you want to know about a potential visit to the Islands.
Falkland Island Tourism
More information about whaling Capt William Williams is available from this website .
Jim Mclaren spent a number of years working in the Falklands area in the Merchant Navy. This site has lots of great photo's.
Jim McLarens website
Deborah & Gawains personal website
Deborah and Gawain were married on South Georgia in 2000, the first couple to do so for some 50 years.
This site is full of useful and interesting information about Antarctica
Lots of info on the Antarctic