Falkland Islands

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A couple of views around Stanley, the capital. In the one on the left you look across town with the top of the Cathedral visible in the centre middle ground. In the other, going out west towards the cable and wireless offices and satellite ground station with the Governers' residence on the left. Some twenty years ago C&W used to forward the communications from the British Antarctic Bases back to the UK. With the increased population of the British military, there must now be a very lucrative trade in telephone calls.
The upland goose lives wild on the islands in large numbers and the odd one does appear on the dinner plate and with a small apology to any vegetarian visitors, very tasty they are too! As mentioned before, sheep have been a mainstay of the Falkland economy, numbering some 300 per head of capita. They provide good quality wool which apart from being exported directly, is also made up into garments by a number of the islanders.