Falkland Islands

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A testament to times gone by. An arch made from whale bones stands outside the Cathedral at Stanley. Whaling was a big industry in the South Atlantic until about 1965. Now, with most countries abiding by the agreement to protect whales, fishing has taken over and ships from a number of nations are now licenced to trawl the waters around the Falklands, earning big revenue for the Islands. It means that there is a lot more self sufficiency, enabling the local Government to build a brand new modern school to replace the old wooden one that was there some twenty years ago. Policing of the fishing vessels is aided by the military presence on the islands using the Hercules aircraft.

The Governors Residence, seen here in 1979. You will see that the flag is flying very straight on what is a typical blustery day for the Falklands. Due to the openness of the land and the prevailing wind, there are very few trees on the island.