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Chippenham (spelt Chipnam in 1474) is traditionally a farming town and still has market town status. It was known for its cheese market 150 years ago. There was (and still is) very good pasture land in the area, and with transportation a problem, the farmers had to turn their milk into butter and cheese. The advent of the railway through he town in the 1840's, engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel made things much easier. The building pictured right housed the Anglo Swiss (later Nestlé, the famous chocolate firm) dairy. Cured bacon was a major product of the town in years gone by too. Outside the town, the rolling chalk hills start, and the white horse at Cherhill is one of many figures carved into the hilside. Although looking a rather off-white in the photograph below, it has since been restored.
The saying "like chalk and cheese", meaning opposites, is said to have originated in the area. The view on the right is from the town bridge and also show the other side of the dairy. The local authority has worked hard to provide pleasant parks and areas for the public to use.